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NetCare Service Plans Comparison Chart
All plans are monitored 24x7
Service Levels (Include) A/V only Associate Partner Executive CIO
    Base bundle price per month - 1 server and up to 10 pc's from   $33   $245 $375 $490
      Additional per workstation from       $20 $30 $40
Additional per server from $50 $70 $155
      Additional Network Device (Firewall, router, switch, etc.) from       $5 $10 $15
    Per Hour or Block Rate if not included   $85 $85      
Time Factor   1 2 3
Guaranteed response time to techical problems
    Maximum Remote response time   40 min 30 min 20 min 20 min 20 min
      Onsite response if remote cannot resolve   2 hr 2 hr 1 hr 30 min 30 min
    Initial Site Survey (27-Point Network Audit)     x x x x
    Service availability monitoring (24x7)   x O x x x
    Unlimited Remote control support (Normal Business Hours)       O x x
    On-site support (Normal Business Hours)       O O x
    Unlimited Help Desk Support (Normal Business Hours)       x x x
    Server and PC Management Plan         x x
    New and Installed software supported         O x
Client management portal O O x x x
    Remotely access/control pc's     O x x x
    Additional features            
    Monthly executive reporting via email   O O x x x
    Quarterly onsite review and planning session   O O x x x
    Asset reporting       x x x
License management x x x
    Network security     x x x x
Data backups (customer provided hardware)   O x x x
    Virus Protection   x x x x x
    Spam Filtering   O O x x x
    Hardware integrity       x x x
    System performance and trends     O x x x
    Overall network design and layout       O x x
    Backup success and failures     O O x x
    Security monitoring     O O x x
    Event log monitoring     O x x x
    Performance monitoring     O x x x
    Patch management and upgrades     O x x x
    Antivirus/Antispyware updates   x x x x x
  Detection and removal x x x x x
Virus definition files x x x x x
      Manual Virus Removal (when nessesary)       O O x
    Resolution of all issues uncovered by agent         x x
    Active support of all software issues         O x
    Software troubleshooting         x x
MS Exchange monitoring   x x x x
      MS Exchange maintenance and administration       x x x
SQL monitoring   x x O x
      SQL maintenanace and administration       x O x
      Backup monitoring     x x x x
      Backup administration       x x x
      UPS management         O x
      Remote Backup/Storage         O x
      Oniste pc swap         x x
      Rebuild pc         x x
      diagnostics       x x x
Non Covered Software installation O x
    AntiVirus/AntiSpyware Software   x O x x x
    Monitored Firewall(s)       O x x
    Email and spam filtering       x x x
  Active Directory administration   x x x
      DNS administration       x x x
      DHCP administration       x x x
      User account administration       x x x
      File sharing permission administration       x x x
      Security administration       x x x
Network optomization x x x
    Server traffic and load       O x x
    Hardware integrity and reliability         x x
    Policy development       O O x
      list of Policy templates            
    Business Continuity Planning         O x
    Budget development         O x
    Vendor Identification         O x
    Manage Technicians         O x
    Disaster Recovery         O x
  Year-End Technology Review         O x
    Vendor Liaison Services         O x
  Monthly On-Site Review:            
    Review general network performance       O x x
Review network documentation and make changes as necessary   x x x
  Yearly On-Site Consultation:            
    Perform a full data restore to ensure back-ups are functioning properly       O O x
  Discounts on Standard Technical Support Rates (out of contract)   5% 5% 10% 15% 15%
  * x indicates the item is included in plan  
  * o indicates the item is available in the plan for an additional cost  
  * blank indicates the item is not a standard feature of a plan but is available as a separate cost  
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