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NetCare Service Plans
At Danetco, we understand when it comes to your IT network, one size most definitely does not fit all. That's why we've developed a selection of remote or on-site technical support service plans designed to work in conjunction with your
Available Service Plans include:
  NetCare Associate   Compare All Plans  
  NetCare Partner      
  NetCare Executive      
  NetCare CIO      
  NetCare for IT Managers      

Available Service Plans
  NetCare Associate
    As a NetCare Associate, you get all the preventive maintenance you would expect from your IT provider once a month - delivered every day. Our team of certified IT professionals will monitor your network for spyware, virus activity and
    Service Coverage
    Proactive Monitoring  
    Preventative maintenance  
    Support Center help desk access  
    Inventory Management  
    Patch Management  
  NetCare Partner
    When you become a NetCare Partner, you'll have both a preventive solution and a cure-all in a single, people-friendly package. Danetco applies the same rigorous preventive maintenance schedule and remote 
    Service Coverage
    Everything in the NetCare Associate plan, plus...  
    Unlimited Support Centre help desk access for servers, firewalls and routers  
    Email spam and virus filtering with message continuity  
    Virtual CIO Quarterly Business Review  
  NetCare Executive
    As a NetCare Executive, you'll receive all of the advanced network monitoring and maintenance features in the Associate and Partner plans to proactively prevent IT problems before they occur. In the event that a problem does occur,
    Then, to ensure that problems get resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, we give each of the NetCare users in your organization unlimited access to our live help desk.
    Service Coverage
    Everything in the NetCare Associate and Partner plans, plus...  
    Unlimited Support Centre help desk access for servers, firewalls and routers  
    Monthly update meeting  
  NetCare CIO
    From help desk support up to the Chief Information Officer, NetCare CIO is your virtual IT department, offering comprehensive IT services and support at a cost much lower than that of hiring a full-time IT staff - and without the headaches.
    Use your bundled hours for IT projects such as custom database development, workstation deployments, vendor management, office relocation services and more - the list is endless.
    Service Coverage
    Everything in the NetCare Associate, Partner and Executive plans, plus…  
    Complete IT management through bundled hours  
  NetCare for IT Managers
    IT managers tend to spend their day putting out fires all over the building. From the third floor up to the penthouse and out to branch offices, they burn through sneakers at a record pace. NetCare for IT Managers can help. While many medium-sized businesses do not need to outsource their overall IT management or help desk support, just about all of them can leverage our
  Access to the NetCare Toolkit provides IT managers with:
    Patch Management  
    Remote Control  
    Monitoring and email alerting  
    Optional Backup  
    Direct Access to Danetco consultants for hard to solve problems  
    Optional vacation coverage  
Basic training and setup
  Feel confident that your network environment is running smoothly, while you become more strategic and proactive to meet your company’s goals with NetCare for IT Managers.
  Additional Services
    Business Process Review  
    IT Outsourceing  
    IT Projects  
    On-Demand IT support  
    Network Infrastructure Development  
    Microsoft Solutions  
    Mac/PC Integration  
  Contact our Client Services to learn more about what Danetco can do for your organization. Call 910-893-9166, or email us today at info@danetco.net.
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