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  Not a NetCare member?  Let Danetco introduce you to the value of our NetCare Program with our FREE 20-Point NetCare Proactive Technology Audit.  Danetco wants you to experience the well-being that comes from partnering with seasoned, trusted professionals who manage your technology issues quickly and proactively.  Upon completion of the Technology Assessment, you will receive a report that will:  
    1. Pinpoint any exposure or risk to potential lapses in security, data back up, and system downtime  
    2. Identify network errors from configurations, software patches, and general use that impact your system's reliability and stability  
    3. Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense against even the most evasive viruses, hackers, and spam  
    4. Recommend solutions to shore up your system to meet your business goals  
    Complete the form below to start a conversation with a consultant. No pressure, no expectations, no cost.  
      Click HERE to open the Assessment request form  

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